A tour of Seoul Plaza Market, a famous Netflix restaurant



The name Gwangjang originated from Gwanggyo and Gwangjang in Cheonggyecheon 3rd and 4th streets, and it was named because the Gwangjang Market was located between these two bridges. Therefore, Chinese characters are also used, not a place. However, it is said that the name Dongdaemun Market was used when permission to open the market was obtained in 1905.

There is an entrance right in front of Exit 8 of Jongno 5-ga Station on Seoul Subway Line 1, so accessibility is good. In addition, the modernization of facilities such as arcades has been completed, and the travel conditions are better than other markets (although compared to other markets).

At the entrance, there are a pomok store and a bowl store, and if you enter the inner intersection, the famous "food alley" begins. Bindaetteok, banquet noodles, meat pancakes, yukhoe (3), and cod soup restaurants are famous. In particular, even though bindaetteok has been introduced to the media quite a lot and became a name, it is still very popular in 2019 with a huge cost-effectiveness of 10,000 won (three people can eat enough). It is also the birthplace of the little gimbap named Drug Gimbap. The ingredients in gimbap are simple, but they boast an addictive taste with their unique texture and exquisite combination of dipping sauce. This food has been nicknamed "Knowledge Drug Gimbap" long before slang such as "Yakbaldda" appeared. However, these days, most stores in the market sell similar drug gimbap, so it is difficult to eat the original drug Gimbap.

In fact, the most famous center of the market is the tourist attraction on weekdays as well as weekends. On holidays, it's so crowded that you can't go forward if you don't want to.k. In addition, since the specialty of Gwangjang Market is bindaetteok, unlike other markets, there is a strange phenomenon that more people flock to the food alley when it rains. Even if you go to the most famous store at most times, you have to wait in line. Cars parking around the area are also overflowing, creating a scene where the narrow road around Cheonggyecheon bursts. If you come to buy something bulky or heavy, you should bring a car, but if it comes lightly, try to use the subway as much as possible. It's already a complicated Jongno 5-ga, and if you bring a car, you'll experience the peak of blood pressure.

Of course, since it is a market, the hygiene of general restaurants cannot be expected. In addition, there are so many people, so it is difficult to expect good service even though it has improved a lot compared to before. If possible, don't eat in places without a price tag. If you don't want to go through a rip-off [4], unsanitary [5], and tasteless three-stage combo, let's take a look.

Hanbok restaurants, duvet shops, cotton shops, and vintage shops are mainly located in areas outside the food alley, and although they are busy during the day, there are few people in the evening, and they feel very empty because they close in advance. In the past, the old-fashioned shopping mall, where you can easily purchase unique detailed vintage clothes at a low price, was a favorite attraction for hipsters, but since it became famous, Dong-pal (item 2) who are attracting customers with fake brand clothes have been rushing in. The atmosphere is a bit gloomy.

Since they are self-proclaimed fashionable salesmen, they are prepared to be evaluated for their clothes when they go as customers, and they don't answer if they are not fashionable people, but they are also famous as a popular hanbok shopping mall these days. When you buy materials such as fabric or embroidery, you should be careful because you sometimes rip off Hanbok if you don't seem to know it well or look young. It is better to find out the appropriate price of fabric or subsidiary materials properly. In particular, embroidery is not very expensive because most of them are computer embroidery. Usually, there is an expensive perception when you turn yourself inAs you can see, there are quite a few cases of playing around with embroidery prices. They sell 5,000 won for 13,000 won. It's a true story that I experienced in person. Be careful.

It is a traditional market that is especially famous for foreigners. It is famous for attractions visited by many Hollywood stars such as Sam Smith, Jessica Alba, and Brie Larson.

In the case of Bangsan Market, which is located nearby, it is said to be a popular course for those who want to bake and those who want to buy perfumes and diffusers.

However, compared to other markets, tourists are the main customers, so people in Seoul never go because they have the disgrace of being ripped off, poor hygiene, and even poor quality.Mayor Lee is off limits on the old and old railway

In addition, at the beginning of the 23rd Crisis Escape Number One (broadcast on December 17, 2005), the MCs at the time, Kang Byung-kyu and Lee Hyuk-jae donated fire extinguishers. Since the donation was made in December 2005, it has been 15 years at this time, so it would have been discarded of course.

There is a setting that Jang Pung-do (played by Kim Min-jong), the main character of the KBS weekend soap opera Wedding Dress, which aired during the 1997 financial crisis, works in this market.

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